Progress in Cleaning Technologies and Systems & Methodologies for Optimised Hygiene

Wetrok creates innovations for professional cleaning processes with top notch Swiss quality in terms of the research and development of cleaning machinery and chemical cleaning products, paired with the definition and delivery of system and methodology competence. 

Wetrok, a highly versatile and specialised Swiss company for next generation cleaning technology, plays a leading and ground-breaking role in the research and development of professional cleaning machines and chemical cleaning products. Featuring a full spectrum range of cleaning machines, equipment, and chemical products, Wetrok has become a one-stop shop for covering all client cleaning needs. Each Wetrok product is unique: Each one satisfies its claim for perfection regarding its use for a specific purpose, while at the same time fitting seamlessly into adjacent system areas. What’s more, Wetrok offers outstanding customer support, which creates optimised client proximity.

Training courses by Wetrok on system and methodological competence for professional cleaning processes offer their clients in-depth application know-how. Customers benefit from tailor-made cleaning concepts for their individual requirements. Efficiency and quality increase, while daily cleaning costs are drastically reduced.

Firmly Rooted in Switzerland – Strong International Presence

Wetrok is headquartered in Zurich’s Kloten district and maintains a network of sales outlets. International subsidiaries support their client base in Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Austria. Authorised dealers serve professional clients in another 40 countries around the world with premium quality Wetrok products, and guarantee a product range in line with Swiss quality standards.
In total, around 100,000 clients worldwide put their trust into Wetrok products and services, achieving optimised professional cleaning results with the best possible efficiency.

Pioneers of Cleaning Technology

Wetrok’s success story started as far back as 1948: The young technology company launched its first single-disk cleaning machine. Shortly after, the very first scrubber-driers and wet & dry vacuum cleaners followed. 
In 1955, Wetrok joined forces with the Diethelm Keller Group and began developing cleaning, care, and sealing products. The move transformed the enterprise from an exclusive machine manufacturer into a full-service provider for professional cleaning requirements.
The acquisition and integration of the traditional Swiss quality brand Minatol in 2008 further enhanced Wetrok’s already strong market position.

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