Wetrok Master / Certification

Wetrok Master: Springboard for the future

Do you want to advance in the cleaning industry, master your profession from scratch and sooner or later take over the leadership of a cleaning team?

The Wetrok Master Course will get you there. You have the choice between two approaches: Either via the regular courses or as a separate course. With both variants, you will receive the Wetrok Master's Diploma after passing the exam, which marks you out as a capable specialist and manager.



  • Basics of cleaning technology
  • Material properties and recognition of the materials of the various surfaces in relation to cleaning
  • Handling and maintenance of equipment and machines
  • Application of cleaning methods for maintenance, intermediate and basic cleaning of hard, elastic and textile floor coverings, sanitary facilities, offices, walls and windows.
  • Correct choice, dosage and use of cleaning products
  • Development of object-related cleaning systems and processes
  • Occupational safety in cleaning
  • Instruction, motivation and leadership of cleaners
  • Duration

Master via course:
9 days course / 1 day testing / 1 day diploma ceremony
Master via module:
13 days course / 1 day testing / 1 day diploma ceremony
Module: Grundlagen der Unterhaltsreinigung, RPI, RPII, RPIII, RPIV, RPV, HD, OC 
(Testing will be charged separately)

Please note: All courses at the Wetrok Academy include meals and course materials!

Dates, details and registration